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    November 2, 2012
    12:00 - 12:30pm PDT  

complete bay area news coverage, starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> more political fallout from the ross saga, only on two we will tell you why a political commercial just released this hour is targetting a san francisco supervisor. good afternoon, i am tory scam bell. first we start with developing news in fremont, where emergency responders are preparing to pull a body out of a creek. police were called to alameda creek in sequoyah road at 8:30
where someone spotted the body floating in the water. crews brought in a boat to pull the victim out. we want to go to alex savidge at the scene for more. >> reporter: this investigation being handled by the alameda county sheriff's office. i did just get off the phone with the spokesman, he told me he didn't have any information on the condition of the body. we will show you the scene here. we are on the back side of the creek side apartments here where there obviously is a creek and this where that body was found, the body of a man partially in the water, the edge of the creek, found ought about 30 this morning. we will give you a look from chopper 2, video we shot earlier this morning of what the scene looks like. again the sheriff's office out here investigating, homicide detectives are here. essentially trying to piece together exactly how this man's body ended up in the watered, what the circumstances are surrounding this man's body ending up here in the water here in fremont. again obviously an investigation underway here,
multiple detectives here from fremont police and the sheriff's office, trying to figure out exactly what the circumstances are surrounding this body found in the watered. the coroner's van there across on the other side of the creek. we are waiting hopefully to get more information, unapp itfrom a sergeant here on scene and get a sense of how they believe this man's body ended up in the water, we will hopefully get more updates throughout the day and bring those to you, for now live in fremont, alec satisfy inch, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. also today more fallout over the reinstatement of a san francisco sheriff, this time it involves a campaign ad against the one supervisor who supported the sheriff and is also up for re-election, tara moriarty has just seen the ad. that features a woman who played a key role into the investigation of the sheriff. you are at the campaign headquarters for that sprf orwith an exclusive report, tara. >> reporter: that's right. this ad is aimed at unseating supervisor christina olongy, the star ivory madison, the
sheriff's next door neighbor. >> my name is i'veary madison. >> reporter: she was the 1 his wife was involved in. >> i didn't want to get involved but now i have to. >> she is speaking out in some ad against her own district 5 supervisor christina elongy, up for eelection. >> n woman has been through the ringer and the courage for her to call and say that i must break my silence -- >> san francisco women for accountability produced the spot because it says she was out of line in voting to allow a convicted domestic violence offender to led the sheriff's department. >> i don't think she was politically motivated, she was the neighbor trying to do the right thing, any of us what would you do, this is the question, what would you have
done. >> 4 voted to let him keep his job but all or running unopposed except for her. her camp has fired back saying political attack ads are not the way to deal with that. it is silencing them in a way that is dangerous and insensitive. she said the people against her billionaires with differences but she is not buying it. >> she elected politics over public safety and the interest of victims of domestic violence. >> we are expecting an on camera interview with her later, right now she is campaigning and when ivory madison asked who she would vote for, she said anyone except for her. live in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a metro train hit and killed a man near montgomery station this morning causing
delays for commuters. the train hit the man around 7:25 as he walked on the tracks between montgomery and embarcadero station. union officials say it is not clear who he was or why he was there. the accident closed the muni metro system between balboa park and embarcadero, service was restored around 10:30. >> want to go all the way down there and wait for a shuttle bus over here. this strain will take you to balboa park or we will give you a free ride to there. >> muni workers directed people to alternatives. shuttle buses carried them to stations downtown and bart allowed people with muni passes to ride for free between there. 4 days before the election new unemployment numbers are out and they were better than expected for the u.s. labor market. according to the labor department employers added 171,000 jobs in october and also significantly revised
upward the number of new jobs add in august and september. put the unemployment rate rose to 7.9%, up from 7.8% in september as more people started looking for work. today's job report is fueling reaction along the campaign trail from both president barack obama and governor mitt romney. >> today our businesses have created nearly 5 and a half million new jobs and this morning we learned companies hired more workers in october than at any time in the last eight months. >> not surprisingly governor romney saw today's report a little differently than the president, he says the economy is at a virtual stand still. >> today we learned that it is actually 7.9%, that is 9 million jobs short of what he promised. ing employment is higher today than when barack obama took office. >> folic his comments in wisconsin romney headed to ohio where president obama is also
campaigning today. recent polls show the president with a slight lead in ohio. but a new poll shows nationwide the race remains a virtual deadlock. the washington post tracking poll shows 49% of likely voters across the country support president obama. while 48% say they are voting for his challenger mitt romney. new at noon community members in an east oakland neighborhood at this hour are celebrating the groundbreaking of a new business center development. the project promises about 100 new jobs for the community and would finally bring a grocery store to the neighborhood. new at noon ktvu's brian flores is at the event in mcought there boulevard in east oakland, good afternoon. >> reporter: hi, good afternoon to you as you can see behind me there is not much besides dirt and construction crews but in less than a year a new grocery store and business development is expected to arise here and give people new jobs and hopefully new hope.
just a few minutes ago city officials community members and business leaders held a ceremony of a new grocery store built here, foodco, has broke ground on the super market set to open by 2013. this is the first major some super market set to open here in a long time but getting here has taken a long time but the true importance is the jobs it will create. >> we are most expected about the fact we will create 450 to 500 job sincere in a community that has unemployment rate at 25%, that is really what it is all about. >> and other businesses will be here too. we understand a ross store and others will be built here as well. city officials say this particular location was known as a gross or other store dessert for years people had to
drive miles but that won't be the case once it is built and hope it stimulates other business growth here as well. >> we are very happy that kroger's has stepped up with this particular store and there will be a lot of other retails here, including lenins and things and other kinds of retail that oakland is often underserved. >> this area is beginning to change and certainly this retail center being coming back to life is certainly going to help drive further change. >> and back out here live again you can see construction crews frantically hoping to get this development done in time for next year. again reid says that this -- that he hopes that this generates more change. a lot of the businesses again are going to be built here by 2013. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. wal-mart workers mean while are staining a protest in the east bay. coming up in nine minutes why they say managers do not treat them with respect. the death toll from super
storm sandy has risen to more than 100 in the united states and canada. utilities say nearly 4 million customers are still without electricity but that is down from 8.5 million at the peak. many people are still waiting for relief supplies. one forecasting company puts the insured loss from sandy at 20 billion dollars and the economic loss at 50 billion. people trying to buy gasoline face really long lines in parts of new jersey and new york. take a look at this cue of cars in new jersey. authorities say more than half of all gasoline services in the new york and new jersey metro area are shut down due to power outages and storm damage. the ipad minihas arrived. we are live in palo alto and will show you how many people are forking out cash to buy apple's newest gadget. >> and rosemary is up soon with details on a great weekend for
the bay area. also mail thieves caught on tape. how you can protect your information.
a 24 hour nurses strike at the hospitals in the bay area ended this morning. the nurses say they are upset over proposed cuts to sick
leave and higher costs for their healthcare coverage. because sutter high replacement nurses though on a 5 day contract the regular nurses will not be able to return until next week. apple's newest gadget hit store shelves this morning. thousands of people in the bay area and around the world waited in line today to get their hands on the new ipad mini. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us from there with a look at how it was greeted there. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori, this is the ipad mini, this is what everyone is talking about out hire, you can see i can hold it just in one hand and you can see just how thin it is, right behind me is the store where there has been a steady stream of people coming in to buy it. you can see them checking it out there and playing with it. we are told the white version sold out in an hour and a half but it is still available in
black. [ cheers ] >> customers were greeted with collapse and cheers as the doors opened at 8:00 a.m., they were eager to get their hands on the new ipad mini, some had been waiting since 2:00 a.m., he didn't want torick the store selling out. >> you come hire at 2:00, you get in line here and get the product, right? if i don't get here and they are all sole out it is a two week wait and i can't do that. >> some did that, but not this man. he has never done it before but is excited about it. >> it is all right, i say, i feel it is the right size to use it. >> it is small enough to hold in one hand and does have a higher battery life but is priced higher, the model starts at 329 dollars, that didn't stop them from fork option out their cash. >> i now i want one and i got to have it and so i just came out this morning and i am super
pleased, so cool compact and i like it. >> when why are going to start using it. >> probably when i get inside my car. >> the were able to buy two minis and people took advantage of that, buying models in black and white. he says it was worth it and will use it in business. >> it fits in your pocket really well and it fits in one hand so i am going to love this, the kids will love this. >> analysts are watching to see how high sales will be. this is apple's first venture into it and from what we have observed the crowds are not as big as previous launches and again we are told at least in this location the white ipad miniis sold out. you can still buy it on line but they tell me there are some available like this in the black version if you want to buy them here.
we are not sure what the situation is at knee others but again the latest product, reporting live from palo alto, janine de la vega, a ktvu channel 2 news. >> two dozen workers protested outside the store in richmond this morning. the protesters showed up around 5:30 outside the store there. they accused wal-mart of harassment, and that. >> they don't have any respect for the individual, and we get retaliated against, our hours get cut and we get -- we get threatened with losing our jobs. >> wal-mart says it takes accusations of harassment, discrimination or retaliation seriously, the company called the protest unfortunate, especially since the store held its grand re-opening this morning. chevron says its richmond
refinery should be back in operation next year. a fire in the processing unit knocked it off-line. it is considered to be the heart of the processing operation. company executives made the estimate about when the plant would be back at full operation during a conference call with financial analysts. in overnight news a san francisco apartment fire could have been a lot worse neighbors say if one man had not jumped into action. the fire started at 10:30 last night on balboa street in the richmond district. a man who lives in the building shot this video. he talked to a neighbor who fought the flames write a fire extinguisher before fire trucks arrived on scene. >> i kicked the door on even and i started hitting the fire with it and they brought me another one. >> he subdued the fire enough to the point where it pretty much saved the building. i think if nobody took action, i think it would have been a lot worse. >> firefighters tell ktvu that
one person was displaced, the cause is under investigation. firefighters were called to san rafael to fight an apartment fire early this morning. it started around 5:45 at the complex on woodland drive near highway 101 and interstate 580. there is no word on injuries or the cause of the fire. the u.s. postal service says there is a 10,000 dollar reward in the effort to catch two people who are stealing mail in fairfield. neighbors in the lowell creek area are assisting police by providing home surveillance videos of the mail thieves. the man and woman have been seen driving up, checking mailboxes and taking any mail inside. authorities are advising people to not leave outgoing mail in their mailboxes. >> they are looking for quick cash, cash in birthday cards, gift cards, starbuck's cards all those types of things that you and i would normally send out. >> we spoke to the postal service a couple of hours ago and they say anyone with information about the suspects
should call police and the u.s. postal inspection service. mail theft is punishable by up to 5 years in prison. >> warmer weather is settling in, clouds burning off, high clouds as well, a live look over the berkeley area and traffic moving along there. high clouds will stick around, will show you why in a moment. the winds allowed for fog in the valley but again beginning to burn off. partly sunny to mostly sunny from the bay across inland. 66 in antioch, 54 in santa rosa, 60 redwood city, 61 san joses these numbers cooler than 24 hours ago but with more sunshine we are going to see a turn around. the satellite and radar here watching a weak system move
across california. you can see a few sprinkles here. we at home will see the clouds so you look overhead you may notice that. widespread 60s for the afternoon, the high clouds with us. by tomorrow we wake up and dealing with fog again in the morning with more sunshine by the afternoon. afternoon highs expected for today, 68 petaluma. 68 navato, 67 in san rafael. 66 sausalito, light onshore sea breeze, 69 walnut creek, 70 pleasanton, 60s along the east side bayshore there. 69 san jose. 70 degrees los gatos, upper 60s santa cruz. along the peninsula for the afternoons, 68 redwood city, 69 expected in palo alto, mid-60s san francisco. partly cloudy skies at the coast, 62 pacifica, 63 degrees expected in daily city. your extended forecast with your weekend in view. there is the bounce back. the temperatures warming into
the low 70s by tomorrow. mid to upper 70s by sunday. remember we do fall back saturday night into sunday morning so we get an extra hour of sleep. then as we get back to work on a monday we are looking at warm weather. we are talking near record heat for this time of year, low 80s in the forecast, election day, sunny, dry, looking good. >> yeah, real roller coaster isn't it. thank you rosemary. >> you are welcome. >> still ahead why berkeley will be a pretty busy place tonight. this hour was the deadline to learn if sunday's raider's game will be on channel 2 but something just happened.
stocks are lower today. it has been an aabbreviated trading week on wall street obviously because of super storm sandy. as we mentioned earlier the latest jobs report released this morning shows the economy is strengthening slowly but consistently. taking a live look at the big board. there is a sell off at the end here. the dow was down 113, nasdaq down 27, s&p down nine. the raiders have been granted another extension until 1:05 p.m. today to sell enough tickets to prevent a television blackout this sunday. this is the second straight home game the team has needed an instance. an extension. they host the bucs and are
coming off two wins, if the game is declared a sellout you will see the game here at 1:00 on sunday. traffic near uc berkeley will be heavy tonight because of the bears' first ever friday night football game. cal hosts the university of washington at 6:00 tonight. several streets near the university will be closed. people going to downtown berkeley or to the game are being advised to take public transportation. there will also be shuttle service from rock ridge bart and a shuttle from the berkeley marina. a total of four meteorite fragments have been found in navato there in those locations. it is a story we first told you about and now a jury will decide if a principal broke the
law when she did not tell police about accusations of sex abuse against one of her teachers, we are at the courthouse, tune in then for a live update on jury deliberations. thank you for trussing ktvu channel 2 news, we will see you the next time news breaks and we are always here for you at and mobile send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios